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No matter if chartered, managed or owned - Your vessels are your core resources and assets and henceforth require the best possible care and protection.

Marine Insurance was the earliest well-developed kind of insurance and has its origins in the Greek and Roman cultures. Nowadays Marine Insurance is a global business with major market players spread all over the world. Yet, particularly London can be regarded as an international centre of Marine Insurance.

We at MariCon know the international Marine Insurance environment well and our contacts and relations are wide spread and well established. We have direct access to the mandatory markets like Lloyd's, all major P&I Clubs and a selected range of marine underwriters for any kind of risk.

Our lean set-up enables us to concentrate on your individual needs and provide you with tailor-made solutions. Yet, our exclusive and direct access to a network of maritime experts and service providers enables us to jointly select from a wide range of scalable solutions, designed to meet your exact requirements.

Whilst we can provide you with any cover and support that the market has on offer, we do focus on extraordinary tasks beyond daily business matters. Hereby we pay highest attention to the best possible combination of covers and services. This is of utmost importance to avoid potential breach of cover due to double insurance etc. Additionally a sound combination can often lead to considerable discounts on premium and help you to optimize your in house workload.

Independent Consultancy

It is a hidden truth, that many "off-the-shelf" solutions do not meet the requirements of modern shipping companies. You can easily find yourself paying for risks that you do not have or even loose your right for indemnification and/or compensation due to unclear and unwanted exclusions within your policies.

Only an independent expertise can help to avoid such gaps. We are happy to review you policies free of charge and to provide you with expert advise and consultancy.

Did you know...

...that a sound combination of maritime security measures and special risk covers can lead to massive discounts on traditional insurance premium?

...that you can avoid unpredicted advanced calls and additional premiums via Fixed Premium Covers?

...that you can save up to 50% of your Loss of Hire premium by switching to a scalable multi-level cover?

...that you can reduce the waiting period ("deductible") of your LoH policy via selected additional covers?

...that separate Crew Insurance can help to restructure your P&I cover and to save on premium?

...that you can protect your vessels against commercial interruptions due to Charterers' defaults and even against loss of value (Residual Value)?

Contact us today, to discuss Your individual needs!
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