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...and it is also a need to plan well ahead for the various potential threats due to the perils of the sea. It is an essential task to be prepared in case of emergency!

Traditionally the threats by the perils of the sea are fortuitous. However, by no means they are unforeseeable. In a modern world one can say that avoidable losses are always foreseeable and thus never fortuitous!

One particular and unfortunately very present threat is modern piracy. It is of utmost importance to adopt proven preventive anti-piracy measurements in order to minimise the risk and protect your crew and assets.

Whenever you have to sail in high-risk waters you should not only rely on own intelligence but demand professional service & support. The Pirates particularly target on slow vessels with low freeboard. However, the past has also shown some successful attacks on vessels up to VLCC size.

The employment of highly specialised and trained Maritime Security Escorts is a further very effective service to consider. Due to reliable maritime sources not a single attack against escorted vessels has succeeded as of today.

We have partnered with selected Maritime Security providers to offer you a diverse range of professional maritime security services.

jr.jpg The pirate flag called the „Jolly Roger“ was designed as a symbol of death, to strike fear into victims and encourage a hasty surrender

The successful implementation of suitable preventive anti-piracy measurements is regarded by all leading underwriters and may result in massive savings on insurance premiums. Additionally it might be possible to convince Charterers to participate on any extra costs. This depends on the wording of the CP and often on the good will of the Charterers. We are more than happy to review your terms and consult you accordingly.

Nonetheless, piracy is by far not the only threat that today's Charterers, Operators & Owners are confronted with. Storms, waves, and wind; collision; grounding; fire, smoke and noxious fumes; flooding, sinking and capsizing; loss of propulsion or steering; and any other hazards resulting from the unique environment of the sea represent dangers peculiar to maritime activities.

Modern vessels are filled with complex technology and machinery. A minor breakdown can lead into a massive disaster at sea. Not to mention the human factor, yet to count for the majority of maritime accidents. Consequently it is advisable to plan for the unpredicted and have expert advice and support at hand in case of emergency.

We at MariCon have gained vast professional experience on the threats of the sea and on accurate preventive management. We consult you on a comprehensive but non-binding basis. Once we have examined your individual status-quo we will provide you with a detailed assessment and professional advice on how to improve. On demand we can refer you to professional service providers out of our extensive network.

If required we can also review your Marine Insurance set-up and outline potential for improvement.

  • Access to Contractual Salvage- and Towage Services
  • Access to Maritime Security Service Providers
  • Consultancy & Support on Anti-Piracy Measurements
  • Mediation & Review of Insurance Covers
  • Safety & Security Optimisation
  • Security Drills & Training 
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