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Selected IT Solutions for the Maritime Industry! LinkedIn

Due to our established relations to first class IT service providers we are well positioned to support you on IT projects of every size.

One of our main vendors are London based SDSD Software Developers Ltd. SDSD is particularly renown for professional solutions in Collaborative Messaging and Secure Document Editing & Management. Additionally SDSD offers customizable and scalable access to world shipping data, such as Lloyds Data and IHS Fairplay.

Charterers, Brokers and Managers all over the world rely on software and IT services from SDSD.


We can also support you with convincing Ship Management IT solutions and concepts. 

You have the option to either decide for a completely tailor made system, designed to match your desire or you select a ready made and proven software suit, which is scalable and configurable to meet your business needs. It's your choice!

      • Comprehensive Professional Consultancy
      • Professional Software Develoüpment
      • Fully Scalable World Shipping Data
      • Matrix Shipping & Messaging Platform
      • Secure Document Editing & Management
      • Ship Management Solutions
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